Genocide Against Animals

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Approximately 70 billion animals are raised each year to be slaughtered in factory farms around the world. If you consider your dog, cat, or other pet to be a member of your family, a friend, or even simply a living being, then consider the various genocides of humans in our history and the scale of suffering that was felt.

If you compare the number of innocent living beings murdered in the German Holocaust, there are 3,600 holocausts of animals every year. In other words, there are 2,300 Cambodian genocides of animals every year, or 7,000 Rwandan genocides of animals every year.

Maybe you feel that an animal's life is not equivalent to that of a human. How many are equivalent? Two? Five? 20 animals? Would you consider 100 animals equal to one human? In that case, are 360 holocausts a year justified? Are you comfortable with allowing the "human equivalent" of 230 Cambodian genocides to take place each year for the sake of our taste buds? Can you sleep at night with 700 Rwandan genocides happening every year?

The scale of suffering we cause is astronomical, and it is all negative seeds we are sowing into the soil of our own destiny. Regardless of how much or how little value, worthiness, intelligence, sentience, or importance you assign to animals, you must admit that their torture takes away from your humanity. The way to heal yourself, your loved ones, and this planet, is to reduce suffering by sharing love.