Karah Parsad Recipe

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by Manvir Singh Khalsa



  • Purified Butter (Desi Ghee)
  • Aata (Chapati flour)
  • Sugar (Note: Avoid using white sugar as this may not be vegetarian. Brown/Raw Sugar for health conscious and vegetarian people!)


  • 1 tikki/block of butter = approx. 15-25 people
  • 2 tikkian/blocks of butter = approx. 25- 35 people
  • 3 tikkian/blocks of butter = approx. 50-60 people

Step 1

Melt the amount of butter you wish to use according to the measurements given above. Then add in some flour (aata) a little bit at time while stirring it in. The mixture should be not liquidy but it should be moist and fluffy (basically it should look like extra-oily Karaah) – according to that you put the flour in.

Measure the amount flour you mixed in (so you need to keep an eye out for how much you put in while adding it in). However much flour you put in (e.g. 1 bowl), you put one and half the amount of water (e.g. one and half bowls) into a separate saucepan.

Step 2

However much flour you used (e.g. 1 bowl); put three quarters (for low-fat option) or equal amount of that of sugar and add it to the water and boil it on the side (until the sugar dissolves in the water).

Cook the buttered flour mixture on medium heat and keep on stirring (make sure it doesn’t burn on the sides or bottom of the saucepan). Keep on stirring the aata mixture on medium heat until usually the water has boiled. By this time you should be able to smell a nice cooked smell coming out of the flour, the colour should be golden brown and sometimes the butter comes to the top (not always).

Step 3

Add the water slowly to the flour. Do it bit by bit and stir the water in each time. This prevents a mess and it also stops the Karaah becoming gluey.

Once you have added all the water, stir the Karaah around on high gas for roughly 3-5 minutes. All the mixture should be mixed in well and when stirring usually the whole mixture moves as a whole. Make sure the Karaah looks cooked (i.e. colour and smell – you don’t want to give anyone food poisoning)!!

Let the Karaah cool down for at least half an hour (minimum time) before serving (advisable if you wish people to avoid getting burns when eating it)

Practice makes perfect!

What makes tasty Degh?

  • Reciting Gurbani or ‘Waheguru’ when making it
  • Make it with LOVE and ENTHUSIAM!

Source: How to make Karah Parshaad by Manvir Singh