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Conversation from 11/17/2008:

> EatBibek : *hi

> This is for general nutrition and wellness information only. This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

> *JoAnn : *Welcome EatBibek,this is JoAnn. How may I help you?

> *EatBibek: *i had a question about your vegetarian multiple

> *JoAnn : *How can I help you with that

> *EatBibek: *i noticed that it contains ingredients like magnessium stearate which is used as a filler in many pills and is derived from animals in most cases

> *EatBibek: *are your vegetarian multiples vegan?

> *EatBibek: *or even vegetarian for that matter

> *JoAnn : *that is from vegetable oil from corn or soy

> *JoAnn : *they are vegetarian but not vegan because they have lanolin from the D3

> *EatBibek: *is that the only animal ingredient?

> *JoAnn : *that is correct

> *EatBibek: *thank you so much

> *JoAnn : *your welcome have a nice day

> *EatBibek: *you too

Thus the Vegetarian Multiple by Schiff is safe for Sikhs