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Silver foil is also known as Varak (Varakh)

Added as a garnish over sweets edible foil can be seen shimmering in the glass cases of any sweetmeat shop. It is so popular that India converts 13 tonnes of pure silver into edible silver foil each year.

Barfi with silver leaf topping


Although it is hard to imagine biting into silver edible silver leaf is quite different. Small balls of gold or silver are placed between sheets of tissue paper laid net in a leather pouch. This is beaten repeatedly but carefully with a heavy metal hammer flattening the balls into paper thin sheets.

Kanisha brand Varakh is manufactured differently and is pure vegetarian.

Kanishka Varakh
1. 100% Pure Vegetarian
2. Contains no Animal Matter Contamination
3. Untouched by human hands
4. Uses the purest of precious metals
5. Perfectly cut into proper sizes and well packaged
6. Bright lustrous finish
7. Totally Automated In-plant Production system

Ordinary Varakh
1. Not 100% Pure Vegetarian
2. Almost always contaminated by Animal Matter (blood, mucous, excreta)
3. Contaminated by handling with dirty hands
4. May use dubious metals
5. Improper sizes and contaminated packaging
6. Dull metal finish
7. Hand manufactured in shabby surroundings Source:

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