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What does Safe for Sikhs mean?

Sikhs are lacto-vegetarian what this means is that they are vegetarians but are allowed dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, ghee and cream. Eggs are not permitted.

Sikhs do not eat any form of meat as this is strictly against their beliefs, in fact eating meat and eggs is one of the four cardinal sins in the Sikh faith. Committing one of these sins, a Sikh is no longer a Sikh and must be re-baptized into the faith by apologizing and accepting his/her mistake. The Sikh Guru’s all led simple lives and their diets were free from meat and eggs.

The Guru’s instructed the Sikhs to refrain from meat and eggs as well. Another one of the cardinal Sins is consuming drugs or alcohol. So for this reason Sikhs are very strict as to what they put into their bodies.

What we eat has a big impact on us physically and spiritually. Eat Bibek is here to help Sikhs (and non-Sikhs) by researching which foods contain any type of meat, fish, eggs, alcohol or drugs.