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Welcome to EatBibek,
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What is Bibek?

Sikhs believe in a concept called Bibek which is to discern right from wrong. When applied to food, Sikhs are expected to refrain from consuming meat, eggs, alcohol, and mind altering drugs. Sikhs are expected to show compassion for all beings thus they refrain from eating meat and eggs.

EatBibek started out as a site targeted at Sikhs due to dietary restrictions. In the process it became clear that animal byproducts were lurking in many ingredients and that there was a need to uncover what people are eating. Since then, the site has strived to address the concerns of all vegetarians and vegans. We hope you find this site useful and will contribute.

Avoiding meat and eggs is just the start of the dietary restrictions for Sikhs, for a detailed explanation on the dietary laws of the Sikh faith click here.